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Jin-Ae Jung
05 October 2009 @ 10:00 am

No pude resistirme: A continuación mi súper resumen kilométrico del especial, en el que hice uso de todos mis conocimientos de japonés (malísimos por cierto) y mi súper oído agudizado ( que escucha todo al revés) para tratar de entender el dorama y no morir en el intento.

Translation level: 10%??? XD
Accuracy= Bueno estoy segura de que le atinaré a ese 10% con el 99% de seguridad XD

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Jin-Ae Jung
21 September 2009 @ 12:59 am
I really dislike Jin's "nekkid" photoshoot *shudders*
It's everywhere! I think I've been scarred for life...*wipes blood from her eyes* And the worst thing is that despite baring it all, he still keeps that monstruous haircut...ICK

Then again I'm not his fan (thankfully), so I will shut up nao.
Enjoy his nudity while I go wash my eyes X____________X
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Jin-Ae Jung
12 September 2009 @ 11:41 pm
I just read the translation of Yamada's Keyword Encyclopedia here .
Apparently all the girls in his class are terrified of him or something.

HUH? Are you kidding me? ( 
He looks harmless come on' )
I'm inclined to believe that's not true, but he repeats it so often I'm
starting to have my doubts.

No Valentine chocolates? No girls approaching him? Iyaaa...he is lying, right?♥

Maybe he does spend the whole day with an Amakusa-like poker face, freaking everyone out. Or maybe all his classmates react like the karaoke girls in that "first kisu" interview shouting "KYAAAAH! and backing away in fear.

Poor bloke. The woes of being an idol XD

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Jin-Ae Jung
10 September 2009 @ 11:31 pm
A Hidarime Tantei CM came out!  My reaction: asadafjsfsgfskgkjs, yay!  (In reality I just spazz in my head, tho') And I nearly missed the bus for it.

Read more...Collapse )

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Jin-Ae Jung
09 September 2009 @ 10:53 pm



Old news, but I felt like writing something random in japanese. If I don't practice what I've learned thus far, I will forget everything in a matter of weeks. I don't even know if the above promotional rant is gramatically correct! *fail* And I need to study kanji. I just know the kanjis for ichi, ni and san which is pretty laaaame! Wai oh wai do they make so little sense for my non-japanese brain?

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to Hidarime Tantei. My theory is the following:if the SP has high ratings, it may be turned into a full fledged dorama. It happened with Tantei Gakuen Q, and it sorta happened with Sensei wa Erai too. That's what I'm hoping for *_*  So y'all better watch it, just because!

He estado pensando en incursionar en el bajo mundo de los fansubs. Por supuesto, mi japonés es demasiado básico para traducir de dicho idioma al inglés, pero podría hacerlo del inglés al español. Me he dado cuenta que hay muchos doramas y SP que no se encuentran tan fácil en español, lo cual no ayuda si quieres corromper a tu madre, a tus sobrinas, a tus amigas, etc.. XD Así que me pondré a investigar cómo funciona eso de los subtítulos y ya me dije a mi misma que Hidarime Tantei sería mi primer experimento ( ojalá que lo subtitulen rápido al ingles! = D )

( Me love the smile ♥♥♥ ) 

Ja ne!

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